About My Scribbles

It appears that for me this year is all about learning new skills. Because of work, half of my life has been virtual reality and I spend a great deal of time in front of my computer, which by the way I still love. Lately however, I seem to be entering into a new life cycle where learning new techniques and creating tangible objects with my hands has become a focus. Just like in the old saying when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, I crossed path with skilled masters and people who were willing to teach me. The newfound knowledge and realization of what I can do with it, is exciting and refreshing. I notice the world around me more, I listen more and I appreciate more lately. A small sketchbook is the newest addition to the contents of my bag and I find myself using it more and more for noting down new ideas. I like this new phase in my life. It makes me feel happy, complete and positive. The way I look at it, if 2012 is a year of big changes for the world, then spending its 366 days by learning, noticing or sharing something, would be enriching greatly the changes in my life personally.

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